XRP on Coinbase | Warren Buffett BTC | Blockchain in Art

XRP on Coinbase | Warren Buffett BTC | Blockchain in Art

While crypto enthusiasts can’t agree on the ideal price of BTC, Warren Buffett believes that it has no value at all. According to him, only charlatans are interested in bitcoin. On the contrary, he strongly believes in blockchain.

On NakamotoJedi today:
00:34 BTC price these days
00:46 Warren Buffett: Bitcoin has no value
00:58 Steve Wozniak sold all his bitcoins
01:32 Ripple XRP listed on Coinbase
01:42 Ripple violated the rules?
02:07 Vesa Kivinen – the first crypto artist ever

And Steve Wozniak sold all his bitcoins, when the price went up high.

From now on professional traders can trade XRP on Coinbase. Ripple fans are happy! But there is evidence that Ripple violated one of the listing rules.

We managed to talk to Vesa Kivinen about blockchain in the art. Get the teaser in this episode!

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