Krita Digital Painting For Complete Beginners

Krita Digital Painting For Complete Beginners


The primary goal of this course is to teach students how to transition from using traditional media and techniques to using the digital medium and digital techniques to create beautiful digital art.

The course is for anyone interested in creating digital paintings & sketches. Both beginners and traditional painters are welcome to join the class and learn.

Students will learn how to use the free open-source Krita software effectively and what the basic functions of this tool are.

The knowledge of digital painting and digital painting techniques students will gain from this course is directly transferrable to the other big-name software that is used in the digital art industry.


  • All you need to become a digital artist using the free open-source digital sketching tool Krita

  • How to transition from using traditional media and techniques to using the digital medium and digital techniques to create digital art

  • The fundamental functionality of Krita

  • How to choose the right drawing tablet (digitizer)

  • How to use photos to create texture overlays

  • How to use layer masks

  • How to use different layer modes

  • Much more…

The course will take you by the hand with small exercises for you to practice your new skills.

When you are finished with this course, you will have laid the foundation for your future career & hobby as a digital painter.

I look forward to meeting you in the course forum where I’ll be available to help you along the way and answer questions that you might have.


Digital painting is painting using a drawing tablet that is connected to a pc and drawing on this tablet using a stylus.
You use a drawing/painting program such as Krita to create digital artwork. It is very similar to traditional painting fundamentally with a few unique aspects such as ‘blending’.

Krita is a free open source digital painting software. It’s used primarily for digital painting and animation.
It contains digital brushes that mimic and replicate traditional media when you create brush strokes, by drawing on a graphics tablet.


1: There is a high demand for high-quality artwork that is produced quickly

2: Digital art is the standard art form for many creative industries such as video games

3: Being able to use both traditional and digital art mediums. The digital medium makes you a very employable artist as well as opening up more opportunities over the general spectrum of art that is needed by potential clients/employers.


Can I just use traditional art for an art career? Yes, but you will be limiting yourself to creating work generally for galleries and exhibitions, whereas gaining the ability to create art digitally will open up many more avenues of potential income and employment.

Does it take a long time to transition from traditional art to digital art? If you have a solid understanding of art fundamentals then it shouldn’t take long, it will just be a case of getting used to using a stylus and drawing tablet and the intricacies of the digital software that we go through in the course.


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