Krita beginner to intermediate, basics and training

Krita beginner to intermediate, basics and training

What is Krita

Krita is self-service image processing software for graphic and illustration professionals. Although this software specializes in digital painting, it is also very useful for photo editing and editing. The latter has indeed many features similar to Photoshop, it is also not for nothing that its interface is similar. However, we must not forget that it is primarily designed to do digital drawing, but it obviously has features that allow it a great versatility. On the menu, we find the eraser, the duplication stamp, the removal of a decorative element, the magic wand, the brushes and tools for resizing or trimming, the use of layers or masks. In addition you can draw, create comic strips, create sketches, color a drawing, make a photo montage, edit a photo, add effects to an image, resize an image, create graphic documents and more.

Why you must use Krita

– Because it’s self-service and free software

– Because it presents a very ergonomic interface

– Because the system of layers and masks works perfectly

– Because it has features of great versatility

– because it allows to have drawing tools

– because it allows to color easily a drawing

– Because you can specialize in digital drawing

– Because you can work the images

– Because you can make montages and create effects

The course

In this training you will learn to use Krita from the beginning. Intended for beginners, you will be able to consistently learn all the features. By managing the interface, mastering layers and masks, using brushes, detours, shape creation, applying filters and more. At the end of the training you will be able to work freely on Krita.

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