Jeff Gates: The Metaphysics of Blockchain & Everything Episode 2- 2 Seg1

Jeff Gates: The Metaphysics of Blockchain & Everything Episode 2- 2 Seg1

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High Info connoisseur Jeff Gates joins Emily Moyer to discuss GOING META

This is the first segment of a +2 hour presentation. For the FULL EFFECT, join us for as little as $3/month for a limited time at:

Part 1:

Emily and Jeff start the show with a crypto update focusing on what
took place in 2018, the taxation for confusion that influencers
experienced, and the game theory that seems to be strange looping back
to where we were in 2017. Jeff discusses his surrogation of the
bitcoin lifeform to let it “replay attack” its own dimension of time
regarding the exploitation and manipulation of its creation and
evolution. They give updates on DeSantis and his deos.org.Jeff
reveals his initial and ongoing connection with Andrew after he viewed their first Metaphysics of the Block Chain video.

Part 2 :(available to our Patreon members):

Emily and Jeff chat about Sonia Barrett’s influence on their awareness
of the game, the various kinds of players,the puzzle and the idea of
kernel panic. They wrap up by dissecting Emily’s recent interview
with Elana Freeland. They discuss the statements of fact, assumptions and complimentary/competing narratives of what is or isn’t going on in the sky above and in the atmosphere all around us…..and how we interact with it all determines how it affects us.

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