Blockchain : A Beginner course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain : A Beginner course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Do you care about your security on Internet?

Do you know that your privacy is at risk when you transfer Funds online?

Well there is a way to overcome these problems and many more.

It is through Block chain.

You will have your answers regarding your privacy and many more in this course. So sit back and join me in this course and indulge yourself in the course to learn a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency etc .

Here is a brief overview of the course:

The internet is changing, and because of it, the way companies are making revenue from their online customers is going under massive transformation. People are now more concerned about there privacy and security. This is the time to learn about blockchain and decentralization which is referred to as the biggest technological innovation since the invention of the internet itself.

Our team has years of research and development experience in the blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Trading and tech space. We have experienced coaches that will guide you through the educational material to show you how you can get involved and get up to speed in the field of blockchain and excel your career.

We make learning blockchain simple, fun, and affordable for our students around the world. Our goal is to educate as many as people as we can about this new technology, as well as the changes and opportunities it brings. We call it, Real Education for Blockchain.

Our main focus will be on following topics:

1. Blockchain.

2. Evolution of internet.

3. Cryptocurreny.

4. Minning.

5. Wallets.

and a lot in the course and more courses to come.

If you have question related to the course/content you can directly ask me or visit our website to excel in your career.

I guarantee you have a bright future in the field of Blockchain.


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